Cut Hair Colouring Time With Thermal Highlighting Foam Strips!

by Catelyn Cox

highlighting foam strips

Cut Hair Colouring Time With Thermal Highlighting Foam Strips!
Highlighting Foam Strips cut colouring and highlighting time by up to half! These are the perfect strips for professional colourists and hairstylists. Why should you have them?

A good hair salon should keep up with the trends. These revolutionary colouring strips are durable, eye-catching and can streamline your workflow. The handy box contains 200 strips, which can be taken out with a flick of the wrist to reduce colouring procedure time so you can take on satisfied clients in a day.

Highlighting Foam Strips:

  • perfect for professionals and beginners,
  • durable, easy to use and eye-catching,
  • keep the heat inside, preventing damage,
  • biodegradable, eco-friendly and recyclable,
  • reusable (machine washable!).

The strips measuring 1100×305 mm ensure you can easily dye even very long hair. High-quality colouring strips can streamline your work and save time on the tiresome cutting of aluminium foil. I’m sure your customers would rather have colourful and eye-catching strips on their hair than rustling aluminium foil!

highlighting foam strips

Choose colourful ColorCuts foam strips

The strips are glue-free but get a grip in contact with moisture of the colouring products. They are excellent replacements for impractical aluminium foil. They are easy to apply and stay on the hair throughout the entire colouring process.

Using ColorCuts foam strips even untrained hairdressers can gain valuable experience in multi-tonal colouring. They can achieve spectacular sombre, ombre or balayage on the client’s hair. ColorCuts ensures 100% control over the colouring process and its results.

The eye-catching and practical foam strips are made of strong but lightweight material which keeps the heat inside and doesn’t overheat the hair. They reduce mechanical damage to a minimum. They provide the ultimate aesthetics, making clients feel luxurious and special. Highlighting Foam Strips upgrade the prestige of your hair salon.

The multiple colours not only look nice, but can make your job easier. When you apply multiple colours of hair dye and don’t want them to get mixed up, mark each section with a different colour. No need to fold the edges – the strips hold the colour. Just fold them to make them stick together.

Take care of your clients’ hair

ColorCuts strips are made from 80% recycled polystyrene. They are environmentally friendly, reusable, and in tune with the zero-waste concept: wash the strips in the washing machine after use and reuse them. Their quality and effectiveness will be just as high. The reusable strips last for up to 800 uses, which is a big saving!

The strips deliver high hygiene and ease to use. You don’t need to be skilled in multi-tonal hair colouring to achieve a knockout effect. ColorCuts strips make the procedure quick and efficient and cut colouring time by up a half.

Highlighting Foam Strips – the ultimate hairdressing gadget

Highlighting Foam Strips ensure perfect colouring results. Trusted by thousands of women and professionals all over the world, they are the best hair colouring gadgets, valued for revolutionising the hairdressing world, high aesthetics, environmental care and extreme comfort. The foam strips ensure fast, precise colouring and stunning results!

Choose ColorCuts, gain valuable time and take on more clients during the day. Go for innovative technology in harmony with nature! Learn more about the product:

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