DIY Scrub for Fuller, Bigger Lips

by Catelyn Cox

Lip make-up isn’t the only thing giving us full, smooth and sexy lips. The essential element of every make-up is proper skin care – also skin on the lips. How to make the lips look bigger using home methods? Keep reading to learn to get the most kissable lips without fillers.

Honey & Sugar

While cleansing the face, never skip the lips. Scrub them gently to remove dry cells and get smoother and more glossy lips. Lip scrubs increase blood flow, which enhances the lip color. Use ready products or DIY scrubs. The recipe is simple. You need a spoon of honey and sugar, mix them and apply on the lips, massaging them gently. Honey is a common ingredient in beauty treatments. It has smoothing and softening properties, plus prevents inflammation. Tiny sugar crystals rub off dead skin cells. You can rinse the scrub off after a few minutes, use lukewarm water. Then apply a protective lip balm – choose ones rich in vitamins and ingredients which are good for skin, e.g. vitamin A, C, E, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and sun protection filter.


For better effects, add a pinch of cinnamon to your lip scrub. It has exfoliating properties, improves blood circulation and prevents inflammation. Let’s not forget the wonderful spicy aroma! Added cinnamon will make your lips appear bigger and give the intense red color. The lips get plumper and firmer thanks to the slight stinging effect.


Eucalyptus or mint oil will work similarly to cinnamon. They include menthol which warms up the skin and increases blood flow. Your lips will look fuller and bigger than they actually are. Additionally, essential oils have antibacterial and antifungal effects. They guard delicate skin on the lips from infections and germs. Add a few drops of chosen oil to your homemade lip scrub. They’re available at pharmacies and herbal stores.


You can also use a spare toothbrush for removing the dead cells. Get a toothbrush with soft or semi-hard bristles and a small-sized head. Use it for massaging the lips gently with circular motions – first apply a lip balm, petroleum jelly or oil.

Ready-made products

If you haven’t got the time for DIY scrubs, then get ready-made products. You’ll find them at any drugstore: exfoliating lip balms or single-use packets.

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