Eyelash Ageing. How to Bring Youthfulness Back to Your Look?

by Catelyn Cox

We usually spot first signs of ageing in the eye area. Crow’s feet and dark circles – this is one thing. To make things worse, we must also deal with brittle and thinning lashes. Luckily, you can fight with eyelash ageing! How?

The skin around the eyes is definitely the thinnest and least hydrated. That’s why it loses suppleness and gets wrinkles most quickly. If the skin ages, the same happens to your lashes and brows. With passing time, they lack hydration, lose elasticity and get brittle.

Eyelash ageing – how to fight it?

Sadly, you can’t block ageing processes. However, you can slightly delay them. The right beauty care is the easiest way to get rid of premature ageing and restore eyelash vitality. Using a proper enhancer, you can slow down ageing like you do with anti-wrinkle creams. Applying a cream to lashes isn’t a good idea so go for something lighter and better concentrated.

• Eyelash serum – it’s definitely the best way to enhance the eyelashes and keep their maximum ability to grow. Professional lash growth serums, available to everyone now, aren’t made just for stimulating growth. A high-quality product nourishes, strengthens and protects against damage, too. It even delays ageing thanks to a set of antioxidants.

• Olive + castor oil – a solution for those who prefer cheaper options yet they must be aware that the effects aren’t as spectacular as the lash serum benefits. Mix castor oil with olive oil to get the right consistency and not weigh lashes down. A regularly applied mixture makes lashes healthier and moisturises them.

• Nutrient-rich mascara – use this product as an extra element in a daily battle for beautiful lashes. It’s the most common lash product so make use of it and deliver nutrients to bulbs every day with a mascara. Eyelashes are prettier, resistant to damage and aren’t weak.

• Eyelash lift – the fans of beauty treatments can reach out for a procedure that aims at bringing back lash young and beautiful looks. The eyelash lift lasts about an hour. It involves applying a nourishing and fixing product onto eyelashes as well as a pigment. Lashes are defined, lifted and darker.

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