Remedies for Flat Hair. Proper Hair Care, Styling & Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer

by Catelyn Cox

Attempting to take control of hair which lacks volume and tends to fall flat against the scalp is extremely frustrating. Naturally, proper daily hair care is fundamental, but we need to remember about some styling tips and the right products. Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer – a volume-heightening spray – has ingredients which help tackle problems with flat hair.

nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer

Lack of volume is a problem affecting both fine and thick hair. It may bother you no matter if you’ve got oily scalp or dry and limp strands. Regardless of the cause, we struggle with one thing: hair falls flat against the scalp, it is unmanageable, the styling routine takes lots of time and often ends up in failure because hair doesn’t hold the shape we create. What’s the way to get voluminous hair? Proper hair care, styling technique and cosmetics.

How not to make your flat hair worse?

The looks of our hair depends on natural predispositions. Hair shafts grow at certain angles and we can’t change that overnight. What’s more, gravity is merciless towards long and heavy hair, pulling it down. Flat hair also gets greasy quickly so it looks unfresh. Such hair won’t benefit from creamy shampoos but clarifying products won’t work either because they are too invasive, causing the scalp to overproduce oil. Hair lacking volume hates products which build up on its surface. Rich masks, thick oils and leave-in conditioners are forbidden.

Hair Volume Enhancer nanoil

Flat hair – the right styling technique really helps

Thankfully, there are ways to improve flat hair. How to make it fluffy and voluminous?

Methods which lift the roots of hair and give volume are the key to keeping the hair fresh and full-looking the longest possible. What methods do we mean?

  1. Blow-dry your hair, but… First, the airstream must be cool – high temperature causes dryness and consequently makes hair greasy fast. Secondly, flip your head down or prop up the roots using a round brush, diffuser or your fingers.
  2. Try rollers – worthwhile only if you’re patient. Wrap strands around rollers, spritz some hairspray on the roots, and blow-dry. It takes time – the longer the rollers stay on, the better the effect.
  3. Crimp the roots. Crimping hair throughout its length was trendy years ago. These days we use the tool only on the roots of hair – underneath the top layer actually. The hair stays smooth on the surface while the crimped parts have the lifting effect.
  4. Massage for more hair volume. To stimulate hair growth and lift the roots of hair, it’s good to massage the scalp from time to time. Just remember not to touch the hair because it weakens the hair shaft.
  5. Change your hairstyle. High buns are good for creating more volume in flat hair. Trimming or switching the parting may do the trick too. 
  6. Backcomb the roots. It’s effective but don’t overuse this trick. Teasing the hair heightens volume but may also cause breakage.

Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer – specialist for hair volume

Using the right hair care and styling products is the easiest and most effective way to fight flatness. To revive volume-deprived, limp-looking hair, try Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer. Nourishing, moisturizing and conditioning ingredients are infused into light mist which envelopes the hair to build amazing volume. The effect is possible thanks to three substances:

  • wheat proteins – they have a strengthening and repairing effect, shield the hair from breakage and harmful external factors, stop static and maintain hydration.
  • keratin – thickens the hair, repairs it, leaves healthy shine.
  • panthenol – eases styling, delivers gloss, makes hair easier to detangle, moisturizes and nourishes.

Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer performs well, starting at the roots. The volume lasts all day while styling is effortless. Fluffy, shiny hair is the effect. The application is very simple: you spray the product across wet or dry hair, and style as usual. Fans of gorgeous hair love it. Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer is a top-ranked root lifter. The biggest benefits include efficiency, easy use, amazing scent, easier styling, no static, protection during styling routine, smoothness. That’s why it’s popular, also among professional hairstylists.

This spray is recommended for all hair types, including thin and damaged hair. The gentle texture doesn’t leave hair dry, stiff or sticky. The spray bottle lasts really long. We recommend shopping through and getting the product delivered fast.

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