Useful tricks. How to curl eyelashes?

by Catelyn Cox

How to get this come-hither look? Making eyelashes curled and coated with a mascara should do the trick. The truth is, you can do it in many ways and these aren’t necessarily connected with using an eyelash curler only. If your eyelashes are straight and resistant to styling, it’s worth knowing the following beauty hacks.

The obligatory element of foxy look is make-up with lips and eyes playing the first fiddle. For that reason, enhanced eyelashes are truly crucial; they should be thick, long and curved beautifully.

How to curl eyelashes?

• Mascara – a high quality mascara features special ingredients responsible for curling eyelashes. While drying out mascara shrinks which makes the lashes get curled upwards. It’s worth realizing though that not every single mascara works in this particular way and the results are temporary. Once the mascara coats are removed, eyelashes return to their primal form.

• Combing – the eyelash-curling features of a mascara can be enhanced. Make-up artists frequently use this trick that depends on combing eyelashes right after coating them with a mascara. When a mascara hasn’t managed to dry out completely yet, it’s possible to shape the lashes at will using an eyelash comb. Once the beauty product sets for good, it fixes the curl obtained thanks to combing.

• Eyelash serum – a high quality serum isn’t only able to nourish and strengthen eyelashes but also speed up their growth in a controlled way. Healthy and flexible hair growing on our eyelids looks much better. If used regularly, such a product may extend, add body, darken and curl lashes in an effective way.

• Eyelash curler – the best and the oldest method of making eyelashes curled. However, it’s more and more often pointed out that making eyelashes curled due to this accessory influences them negatively. Being exposed to the pressure put by the tips of an eyelash curler, the delicate hair is prone to breaking. As a consequence, eyelashes are unnaturally bent, become brittle and fall out.

• Eyelash perm – the revelation of the last months is the eyelash perm treatment. The curl of the hair is fixed thanks to a special preparation which is applied to eyelashes rolled on a special long items. Naturally, size of a roller fits eye shape and length of lashes. Unfortunately, the outcome isn’t permanent and the ingredients of preparation might cause irritations.

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