5 Non-obvious Causes of Hair Loss. Do You Know Them?

by Catelyn Cox

The hair loss problem is a really broad subject. Even though hair thinning has been studied for many years, medicine is still helpless when it comes to finding a cure-it-all solution. But do you really know all the causes of uncontrolled hair loss? Go on reading to learn five non-obvious reasons for hair shedding – you will be surprised!

For starters, it must be realized that hair loss is a common problem. It actually touches everybody, but most people aren’t even aware of it. Hair lives for a certain period of time, falls out and then is replaced by new hair – this is completely normal. However, the thing gets more serious when there are too many hairs that you lose while brushing or shampooing. When you notice a few dozen hairs “leaving” your head daily, you need to try to find the cause to stop this before you turn bald.

What causes hair thinning?

There are a few common causes of hair thinning. What’s interesting though is that there are always a few reasons that collide, together causing excessive hair loss. What could that be? In most cases hair falls out in numbers due to:

  • an imbalanced diet and vitamin shortages
  • hormonal fluctuations (eg. menopause, pregnancy)
  • excessive stress
  • use of hair products that aren’t designed for your hair type

The bad news is that in most cases developing a new eating habit and fixing the hormone-related problems aren’t enough to keep hair from falling out. Why is that? Because of the non-obvious causes of hair thinning, these aren’t commonly discussed.

5 non-obvious causes of hair loss

1. Wearing tight updos

If you arrange your hair in tight buns or ponytails on top of your head every day, you will soon notice thinning. Why is that? Because such updos strain on the follicles that lose their ability to keep the bulbs inside. When this lasts too long, and when it happens regularly, the hair falls out (actually the bulbs are pulled out) from the follicles. That being said, it’s advised to give your hair a rest from time to time, and wear loose updos more often.

2. Washing hair with a harsh shampoo

Another non-obvious cause of uncontrolled hair loss may also be… a shampoo. Not everyone knows that shampoos are divided into two categories: those with mild cleansers and those harsh cleansing agents. The latter washes hair much better, but using such aggressive substances on a daily basis disturbs the scalp. The skin of the head becomes extremely dry and irritated, often leading to premature hair loss.

3. Sleeping with loose hair

Going to bed with loose hair is often associated with splitting, which is correct. However, it is also worth realizing that putting a head onto a pillow without tying the hair up first can also lead to thinning, or actually tearing the hair out when you turn and move your head during the night. A loose bun or braid may save you from losing a lot of healthy hair.

4. Using a wrong brush

When do you notice losing hair the most often? After combing, when looking at the brush. Many of the hairs have fallen out earlier for various reasons, but were stuck between healthy strands – that’s normal. But the rest were pulled out due to fierce brushing. This is why choosing the right combing accessories is so crucial. When matched with the hair type, the comb glides smoothly without tugging or pulling.

5. Scalp conditions

Finally, something that is rarely discussed – scalp disorders. These can be conditions such as androgenetic alopecia or areata alopecia, which sound and are pretty serious. But there are more common diseases like dandruff, rosacea and psoriasis that are also responsible for causing excessive hair loss. If you don’t treat the scalp conditions, hair will continue falling out.

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