Accessories and beauty products that help you detangle your hair. Which one should you choose?

by Catelyn Cox

The owners of long hair know this problem too well – hair that doesn’t want to detangle. Tangled strands is one of those things that we wish to stay away from, especially when we are about leaving home. Continue reading to find out which hair accessories will help you deal with this problem effectively.

When getting hair detangled appears to be a nightmare, there is this idea emerging of cutting it short. Does it mean that the only solution is wearing short hairdos? Naturally, it doesn’t. There are many hair care products that deal with detangling strands, or at least make it significantly easier.

Knotty hair – Causes

Why does hair happen to be hard to detangle? Frequently, we put the blame on cosmetics we use, for example a bad shampoo. In fact, there is a nugget of truth in this conviction because ill-matched hair care is a fast way to rough, frizzy and knotty hair. In most cases, the hard to detangle hair is high porous with raised cuticles, which translates into their rough structure. High porosity makes the hair lose water together with all the nourishing substances it managed to collect really fast. Naturally, the rough surface encourages tangling.

How to detangle hair easily?

There are numerous ways that facilitate detangling hair. The core is the right care provided to hair – the stronger hair is, the smoother and more soft it gets, so it’s resistant to tangling. Of course, it’s natural that hair might have its bad day from time to time although we make every effort to maintain its good condition. Then, you can reach for accessories and cosmetics that facilitate detangling knotty hair.

What should you turn to when your hair is knotty?

Products that facilitate detangling hair

  1. Water-Replenishing Hair Masks – a good hair mask makes hair soft, smooth and elastic, which are the qualities of hair that is easy to run comb through. Applying the mask once a week should do (if used more frequently, it might weigh hair down). Bear in mind though that hair mask has to sit on hair for no shorter than 30 minutes to let all the nourishing substances penetrate hair and improve its condition. Once the mask is rinsed, you can expect the strands to be smooth, glossy and easy to comb.
  2. Hair Conditioner – if not hair masks, you can go for hair conditioners rich in similar amount of valuable nutrients and apply them after every shampooing. This type of a cosmetic applied right after washing (it must be left for a few minutes and rinsed off later) embrances hair with a delicate coat. Thanks to this, hair is smoother and less prone to tangling.
  3. Hair Oiling – more and more people recognize the power of natural oils in hair care. They nourish, prevent moisture loss, gift hair with smoothness and softness. For that reason they serve well as products that facilitate detangling. All you have to do is keep using them regularly so as to prevent strands from tangles.
  4. Hair Mists – so in other words spray conditioners. Their convenient form enables you to use them every time you want to comb your hair. The majority of conditioners that facilitate detangling, which we buy in a drugstore, is available in the spray form. Basically, such products are also useful while travelling or for example at a beach when we want to detangle our hair after swimming in the sea.
  5. Silicone Serum – this type of a cosmetic is for example liquid silk that smells pleasant and creates a sheer layer on hair to facilitate combing. Just 1-2 drops of such serum are enough to make the strands soft, smooth and easy to detangle. Additionally, you can expect your hair to win healthy gloss.

Accessories that facilitate detangling hair

  1. Tangle Teezer – it’s an innovative brush that can’t be missed when talking about accessories that people with knotty hair should have. Elastic, sparsely arranged bristle of various length allows Tangle Teezer to glide through hair effortlessly and detangle it. Without jerking, pulling out or plucking.
  2. Microfiber Hair Turban – a good idea is also wrapping washed hair with a soft microfiber turban. After all, it’s due to intensive hair toweling that strands get knotty. Therefore, if you don’t want to experience problems with combing your hair, use a microfiber turban to let it soak the excess of water.
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