Aloe and its magical healing properties

by Catelyn Cox

Aloe and its magical healing propertiesEases, moisturises and accelerates wound healing processes. Furthermore, it treats allergies, decreases sugar level in blood and strengthens immunity. It smells good and additionally it can be grown on your window sill. What is it in particular? Aloe! Learn its features and applications, and you will be no longer concerned about the look and health condition of your skin.

Certainly, home remedies are the best methods dealing with all possible ailments. The recipes passed on from generation to generation do always work, this is obvious. However, in most cases, you are not aware of the fact that the items you have got in your fridge, cupboards and even on the window still or a balcony can improve your look as well as positively influence your mood. One of such miraculous plants is aloe.

A little bit of botanic

Aloe is a plant that is commonly grown on the Arabian Peninsula, in Africa, Australia, South America and Madagascar. It is also grown in other regions of the world yet in glasshouses. The truth is, aloe was already known in ancient times and was used for embalming practices, neutralizing unpleasant odours and repealing insects. What is more, aloe was used for replacing perfumes. Currently, aloe is used mainly for medical purposes. The plant has thick and fleshy leaves with spiky edges. The inside is filled with juice. Basically, humans know over 300 spices of aloe, 20 of which possess healing features (these are used for medicaments production). 2 spices find their applications in cosmetology and dermatology. These are in particular krantz aloe, also known as candelabra aloe, and aloe vera. Active substances of aloe include for example micro-elements such us sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc, as well as vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12 and provitamin A as well as folic acid). What is more, aloe destroys free radicals, protects skin and hair from solar radiation as it accelerates production of antibodies. Finally, aloe works antibacterial and anti-fungal.

Applications and properties of aloe

Probably, there is no other plant that carries so many advantages as aloe does. The manners of introducing aloe to our organism are numerous. To demonstrate, there are aloe pills as special aloe drinks. Wounds, burns and other skin damages can be treated with dense juice that flows out from an ordinary aloe leaf. Aloe can be also found in cosmetics. What is more, aloe is fast to get absorbed and is able to reach deep into skin supplying it with nourishment and hydration. It works anti-inflammatory, accelerates skin regeneration, relieves irritations, burns and mosquito bites. Furthermore, aloe is used for acne treatment since it heals and dries out the spots. What is more, it improves firmness and elasticity of skin protecting it against free-radicals. Aloe moisturises dry skin as creams with the very component have rejuvenating and smoothing properties. Just for the record, aloe helps with joints and gum curing as well.

If you are not still convinced about magic working of aloe then visit a pharmacy or a drug-store and buy a cosmetic containing aloe. Or when it happens that you grow aloe in your home or garden, just cut one leaf and smooth the spot on your body that requires help.

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