Couperose skin care – homemade recipes, cosmetics and natural treatment

by Catelyn Cox

beauty.jpgCouperose skin is a condition that affects many women. Its care requires special cosmetics, a healthy diet, and professional beauty treatments. This complexion is incredibly sensitive. The blood vessels in the case of such skin are not elastic; therefore, they easily expand under the influence of frost and sun, and often under affected by stress, fatigue or lack of sleep. This results in constant redness of the skin and not very aesthetic spiders veins visible on the skin. How to take care of such a problematic complexion?

Couperose skin – how are dilated capillaries formed on the face?

Skin is the most vascularized organ in our body. The vascular system is formed by arteries, veins, and capillaries. They form two plexuses: deep venous plexus of the dermis and subpapillary venous plexus superficial. It is the latter that is visible under the thin skin of the capillary skin. The expanded vessels of the superficial plexus are visible through the skin and form a net of red or purple spider veins called telangiectasia.

Enlarged capillaries can occur on any type of skin, regardless of age, however people with delicate and sensitive skin, or those with a bright phototype are most likely to experience this condition. How are the spiders’ veins on the face created? The most common factors causing dilated capillaries include:

  • hormonal changes and menopause
  • inappropriate diet (spicy and hot dishes)
  • hot or cold air
  • wind and frost
  • sunlight
  • skin diseases
  • drugs
  • intense effort
  • hypertension
  • taking certain medicines
  • hot baths and sauna
  • genetic factors

Skincare at home – three steps to healthy skin without dilated capillaries

Couperose skin care – stage I – cleansing 

Face cleansing and makeup removal should be done very carefully and gently at the same time. It is best to use mild products, such as micellar water or face wash milk or lotions. The key to flawless skin is to maintain its proper pH (ie 5.5), and therefore the appropriate toner or hydrolate is indicated. Do not use too hot water for washing your face, and make sure to avoid synthetic, highly fragranced, artificially-colored and highly lathering cosmetics.

When washing the capillary skin, beware of all brushes, abrasive sponges, makeup removal gloves, etc. Wash the face with mild cosmetics with gentle movements and soft towel-drying – by pressing a towel to it and collecting excess water.

Cleansing the face with a scrub is possible, provided it is a special, enzymatic peel designed for the care of capillary skin. Most often they are delicate creams that do not require rubbing. Regularly performed, gentle and special peels supports the action of face creams and makes it easier to work for the conditioning substances.

Couperose skin care – stage II – creams and masks 

A cream for couperose complexion is the basis of skin care. Its composition and content of active ingredients should be impeccable not only to nurture the skin and care for its youthful looks but also to tighten and strengthen the blood vessels. What should the cream be like?

  • it should contain a high UVA and UVB filter (minimum SPF 30). It is worth remembering that photostable (physical) filters act best on this type of complexion. These chemical ones can irritate the skin.
  • cosmetics for the care of skin with dilated capillaries should contain substances that are intended to fight this type of problem. These include: vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin PP, rutin, retinol, bisabolol, allantoin, panthenol and aloe extract, Japanese pearl beetle extract, hibiscus extract, vegetable complexes from arnica, chestnut, ivy, St. John’s. Many creams also contain substances that cool and soothe the skin.

Couperose skin care – stage III – concealing redness

Women struggling with dilated capillaries should know how to hide redness on the skin with the help of appropriately applied makeup. It is worth remembering that red tones are best concealed with green shades, thus, it is a good idea to purchase a concealer or a green primer. Many companies offer a whole range of cosmetics that are specially designed for the skin with dilated capillaries. They don’t just cover up redness and spider veins, but also strengthen the walls of the blood vessels and provide proper care of the skin.

Couperose skin care with homemade methods is the most important part of prevention. It is responsible for protecting the skin against the formation of red spider veins. Such natural treatment, based on good quality ingredients and cosmetics free of synthetics, is supposed to have a soothing effect on the skin while sealing the walls of blood vessels. The selection of cosmetics is extremely important – ideally if they are composed of natural, vegetable ingredients.

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