Homeopathy – Uses & Effects

by Catelyn Cox

There are various ways to treat diseases. Homeopathy is one of them. It is a natural method for treating many conditions. What does it involve? Check if you can get some benefits from the natural medical system.

What does homeopathy involve?

Homeopathic treatment goes along with the natural health practices. A person’s vitality and ability to fight the disease is stimulated by enhancing the body’s defensive system. Patients notice increased immunity, shorter recuperation time and faster recovery from diseases. The main aim of homeopathy is restoration of a patient’s balance between his/her body and the surrounding environment.

Homeopathy doesn’t focus exclusively on the symptoms of a disease. It also considers patients’ emotional and mental state. The therapy is adapted to the individual needs of a given person, respecting all other factors affecting their health and mood, including sleep, diet, work, stress, emotional experiences, genes and family predispositions.

Homeopathy in practice

Homeopathy is a safe and natural therapeutic method. Homeopathic medicine can be used by all age groups and for all types of conditions. This kind of treatment is used both for acute and chronic conditions. Homeopathy is effective to treat a cold, the flu, a runny nose, cough, respiratory system conditions, diarrhea, acne, travel sickness, cold sore and others. It is also popular in allergology, dermatology, ophthalmology, psychiatry, surgery and many other fields of medicine. Homeopathy can be combined with other types of therapies and conventional medication.

Homeopathy rule

Homeopathy is based on a rule which makes it different from all other forms of treatment. It is the ‘like cures like’ rule according to which a homeopathic product is adapted to a patient. The high concentration of the product triggers the symptoms whereas its small quantities heal the same symptoms. Unfortunately, it is hard to find similarities between the symptoms characteristic for a given medication and the symptoms of a disease.

Homeopathy – natural medication

Homeopathic substances are derived from plants, animals or minerals. The products mustn’t contain preservatives or chemicals. Both animals and plants come from certified crops and farms. When it comes to minerals – single elements, salts, acids or organic compounds are used. A solvent (pure water) is added to these ingredients and then the mixture is transferred to grains containing saccharose and lactose. Homeopathic substances are safe for patients.

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