How to cut hair on your own?

by Catelyn Cox

beauty.jpgWhy go to hairdresser’s saloon and spend fortune on specialised treatments, use expensive cosmetics if you can easily trim your hair on your own? Learn a few easy rules considering trimming hair ends, layering and creating bangs. What is more, make sure to buy high quality scissors.

Trimming hair ends

Hair ends should be cut every two months. This way, you can be sure your hairdo will always look good. Fortunately, you do not have to go to a professional hairdresser so often. You can easily do it yourself. Trimming – this is the proper name for this procedure – is very quick and easy. Your strands must be washed and damp. Brush it thoroughly with a comb to get rid of any knots and tangles. Next, tie your wisps in a ponytail on the top of your head. Holding your ponytail upwards, slowly move the elastic band towards the ends. Once you reach the ends make sure to secure it with one hand and cut with the other. Trim only small parts of hair at once.

Cutting bangs

If your bangs has grown out, you have to add shape to it. First of all, dampen it and comb thoroughly. Part in the middle and each part divide in two sections. Once again using a wide tooth comb brush through the part that you want to cut first. Next, securing with your fingers, slightly lift it above your forehead. Remember to trim only small parts of hair. Once it dries, make sure that all wisps are even. Now, if you need you can do some amendments. Moreover, you can look for inspirations on Instagram – where girls from around the world post pictures of their hairstyles and bangs.

Layering hair

Layers add volume and lightweight to every hairstyle. Before you reach for scissors, first, create a ponytail. If you only want to layer the ends, tie your hair on the top of your head. Do you want a dense hairstyle? Create a ponytail at the back of your head. For more layers, lift your hair up and cut off random but always small parts of hair. In this care you do not have to be very precise. Next, put your hair back and run your fingers through it. Your new hairstyle is ready.

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