Oily face care. Beauty products to use

by Catelyn Cox

The excess of sebum on face skin that takes the form of a shiny film is a distinctive feature of oily skin. How to take care of oily skin and which cosmetics to reach for? Here are the common mistakes in taking care of this skin type.

How to take care of oily skin?

Oily skin requires precise cleansing that should be carried out not only in the evening but also in the morning because this beauty ritual aids in removing a thick layer of sebum together with dead epidermal cells. Each and every face washing should be followed by wiping the face with an antibacterial toner that reduces visibility of skin pores (it can be done throughout a day – to freshen skin up). Every few hours you can treat the skin with blotting sheets that collect the excess of sebum. Once a week, skin should be cleansed due to a scrub so as to remove the residues of dead epidermal cells. Otherwise, the dead cells will clog skin pores which inevitably leads to blackheads and even acne appearance. After being treated with a scrub, it’s advised to follow with an antibacterial or astringent mask with white clay.

Beauty products for oily skin

Well-matched cosmetics combined with proper, systematic care restore healthy and fresh looks to skin, limit seborrhea, reduce enlarged skin pores and remove blackheads. In order to make oily face skin care synergetic, the beauty products used during particular stages must cooperate with each other. For that reason, it’s advised to use cosmetics that belong to the same series created for oily skin care. The basic conditioning set comprises of either micellar lotion or makeup removing gel, an alcohol-free toner, a light moisturising and mattifying day cream (best if with UV filter) and a sebum-balancing night cream. The essential element of oily skin care are blotting sheets as well as a face scrub and face mask.

The most common mistakes in oily skin care

The most common mistakes made in oily skin care are:

  • Application of degreasing preparations to wash face
    Although such cosmetics remove sebum, they at the same time lead to skin dehydration which might end up with skin flaking off.
  • Using alcohol-based facial toners
    They might be too irritating and despite producing good results, with time they lead to intensifying the problem of excessive sebum production and acne.
  • Washing face with water and soap
    It’s believed that such combination neither damages nor helps oily skin. Therefore, it’s more beneficial to use cosmetics designed to wash oily skin with, which additionally nourish skin.
  • Applying new layers of powder to hide excess of sebum
    This is an unnecessary burden for skin, especially in view of the fact that powder clogs skin pores, therefore it might have a comedogenic effect and lead to acne. It’s definitely better to use either blotting sheets or a tissue to collect the excess of sebum.
  • Mechanical removal of blackheads
    Blood vessels might get damaged due to mechanical removal of blackheads. Moreover, a new skin blemish is fast to appear in the place of just-removed pimple.
  • Sun tanning
    It’s true that oily skin looks better after being exposed to the sun. Unfortunately, UV radiation stimulates work of oily glands, damages cells and dilutes blood vessels, which has a negative impact on appearance and condition of skin.
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