Perfect Hollywood makeup step by step

by Catelyn Cox

Beautiful woman with golden nails and style makeupDo you admire movie starts walking on the red carpet? Do you thumb magazines to peep the ideal makeup all celebrities wear? Do you envy them the perfect look? Great news is that you are not the only one who wants to look like people of show business. The truth is, doing perfect makeup is not that hard as it may seem to be. And you can do it on your own, at home!

Women always look for a role model among Hollywood stars, actresses, fashion models and other fabulously rich and well-groomed from heads tip to toes women. But what they do not know is the fact that all the photos in the newspapers are edited, wrinkles are removed, skin tones are improved with just a single click of a mouse as additional kilograms miraculously disappear thanks to mundane work of bunch of stylists and graphics designers. Naturally, women carve for such a perfection and tend to forget that nobody is free from flaws. With this in mind, what should be done in order to converge to your idols? Fortunately, the secret is now undiscovered. Follow the instructions posted below and achieve the perfect look completely on your own.

Step number 1Cleansing

If you are getting prepared for evening night-out, it is advised to devote more time to your face skin. Firstly, use a toner and remove the residues of makeup and all the impurities that have happened to gather on skin’s surface throughout a day. Do exfoliation of dead epidermis cells, apply a face mask and a cream. Obviously, pick the cosmetics accordingly to your skin needs. When the cream gets absorbed fully, take the second step.

Step number 2Makeup base

This cosmetic makes a foundation stay longer. What is crucial, the shade of the foundation should be one tone brighter than your natural one. While picking the right shade, check it at daylight by applying it on jawline. Remember, do not check the shade on your wrist because, after all, you are going to wear the foundation on your face not on hands. Furthermore, the foundation should be patted using the fingertips, smudged with a sponge or stamped with a flat makeup brush. The discolourations and dark circles around eyes can be camouflaged due to a concealer. Finally, cover your cheeks with either a blusher or a bronzer.

Step number 3Time for Eyes

Start with applying an eyeshadow primer. Obviously, your eye makeup should look varies accordingly to part of a day and the event you are expected to take part in. Both, daily makeup as well as the one you do to wear at work should look pretty alike. To clarify, it should be natural and bright. Smoky eye or glitter eye makeup is appropriate for a party or a night-out. Remember to define your eyes by drawing a black line on the upper eyelids. Coat eyelashes with a black mascara. Bring out your eyebrows by applying an eyebrow pencil.

Step number 4Full Lips

Their look should also depend on part of a day and the place you are going to visit. At the beginning, coat your lips with a foundation and powder them. This kind of trick prevents a lipstick from running down. Then, outline the lips with a lip-liner and fill in the contours. In order to put on a lipstick flawlessly, use a small and pointy-ended brush. At the end, coat your lips with either a transparent or sparkling lipgloss.

Is there anything else which will contribute to your perfect look? Definitely, these are a hairdo, a dress, high-hells and a purse. It is also a good idea to attach a few sparkling crystals to your eyelids, especially, if you are going to a party, or elegant jewellery if you are heading to work. Basically, your perfect makeup is now ready. Having in mind that you manage to do it on your own, you may consider yourself as a real smart cookie since you do not need bunch of people taking care of your image.

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