Spring Water for Your Skin – Uriage and Avene

by Catelyn Cox

spring water
Spring water is credited with healing properties helping to dramatically minimize chronic skin illnesses and giving the user the new perspective in life. It gives relief to those who suffer from eczema and any other skin problem. This pure water heals the body very quickly. It has the right magnesium and calcium balance and therefore it can be absorbed fully and it can nourish the skin cells. It is anti-inflammatory and it heals any wounds and promotes the new skin grow. You do not have to spend three weeks in Avene Hydrotherapy Centre in France, now you can buy condensed spring water in a spray in Boots store chain.

The condensed Avene water is sold by Boots for less than £15 for 300ml bottle. What the water does to your skin? It tones the skin and it soothes any skin irritation you may have. It is recommended to use the spray once a day, when your skin is perfectly clean. Spray the face or any other body part that needs healing and let the water sit on the skin until it gets absorbed. Another popular thermal water is Uriage that comes from the Alpes.

Spring water comes from underground. When it flows down from mountain usually, however thermal water is warm or even hot. We all know those gazers in Slovakia or in Norway that have those healing properties. Spring water is full in numerous due to the fact that it goes through the layers of rocks and soil and it comes up enriched in minerals. The composition of the thermal water, the properties of it differs from time to time. The healing comes not from the water temperature but from its natural ingredients.

Apart from healing the skin, spring water brings relief to joints and tense muscles. To get better benefits from the mineral water, it is recommended to use it also internally. If you have access to plenty of water, just drink it. This way, the body will cure twice as faster. Make sure that you have the water that correspondents with the illness you are suffering from. Fluid intake is crucial in our lives. Instead of drinking tap water that is polluted and full of toxins such as fluoride, drink the thermal water. It may seem more expensive, but in the long run, you will save on medications.

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