Tips from Skin Experts: How to Stop Premature Face Lines?

by Catelyn Cox

Genes play a big role in the aging process, however, there are a few steps we can follow to delay the unwanted wrinkles. Read tips from a skin doctor for delaying the process of skin aging.

There’s an anecdote that Kim Kardshian doesn’t smile often to avoid face lines. Well… many women are scared at the thought of facial wrinkles, but we guess not smiling isn’t the best remedy. We’ve talked to skin experts and asked them what’s really effective regardless of the genes we’re born with.

There’s a lot you can do to prevent face lines

There’s natural aging process and aging caused by external factors such as the sunlight or pollution. We age naturally, which starts around the age of 20. The sunrays are most destructive. Many people have no idea that around 80% of signs of aging are caused by the outside elements while UV radiation remains the most powerful. Thankfully there are many things we can do to stop wrinkles from making themselves comfortable on our faces! Sun protection matters the most. There are also brilliant creams which have antiaging effects.

However, remember that spending a fortune on the best anti-wrinkle cream will be pointless if you don’t guard the skin against the sun. Retinol – vitamin A – is another option to try. It’s extremely effective in rejuvenating the skin. Serum which is high in retinol is supposed to stop wrinkles, sagging and uneven skin tone.

Moisturizing and exfoliating – remedies for face wrinkles

If you’ve got dry skin, then your face may be looking more wrinkled than it actually is! So, if you want softer and smoother skin, you need to remove dead skin cells, stimulate repair and replenish moisture. Regular use of a good exfoliant will allow you to get rid of dead epidermis and consequently the creams you apply will be able to get more deeply. If skin experts are right, then physical activity and a diet have a big impact too.

4 Tips for Slower Skin Aging

1. Avoid smoking and alcohol

It’s common knowledge that cigarette smoke and alcohol are bad for the skin but why is that so? Smoke reduces the blood flow and skin’s ability to bounce back. Consequently the face gets puffy and wrinkled more quickly. Smoking worsens the condition of skin. Because many smokers also suffer from acne, their skin is damaged and scarred.

Alcohol also speeds up the aging process because it dehydrates the skin, leading to the appearance of face lines. Drinking alcohol regularly reduces skin elasticity so the wrinkles may be irreversible.

2. Eat antioxidant-rich foods

When it comes antiaging diet, we should choose products that are rich in so-called antioxidants. They prevent free radical damage which is partly responsible for the aging process. Products rich in antioxidants include green vegetables, kale, berries, and green tea.

3. Get enough sleep

Did you know that sleep offers many benefits for our youth? During sleep, the sympathetic nervous system turns into parasympathetic nervous system which increases blood flow to the skin ensuring more effective repair.

4. Chill out

We know it’s easier said than done but you should know that the level of stress has an impact on the skin’s state. When you feel anxious and stressed, your brain releases excessive amounts of stress hormone, which may cause acne breakouts, oil overproduction and hair loss. Stressful lifestyle leaves the skin more sensitive. Find a way to clear your mind and relax during the day or before sleep: read, meditate, do yoga. It’s worthwhile!

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