Which Skin Care Products Should You Always Have Close at Hand?

by Catelyn Cox

Making your skin look flawless isn’t possible without the help of the right products. Do you know what cosmetics you need to have in your bag to make the skin look its best? Keep reading to find out.

This list of skincare products includes basic cosmetics that are considered absolutely essential for deep nourishment and hydration.


Vitamin C face serum

This product helps you erase discoloration that appeared on your face after the summer. It can promote radiant complexion and reduce acne. With vitamin C face serum you will get younger-looking skin, so that you won’t need to use a high-coverage foundation any longer.

Moisturizing face cream

This one should contain urea, aloe or hyaluronic acid – all of them are humectants, also known as moisturizing agents. You need to make sure that the face cream of your choice promotes lasting hydration. Truth be told, all skin types can’t do without a moisturizer, no matter the season. This is an essential element of every women’s makeup bag.

Fine facial peel

Neglecting the benefits of a facial peel has disastrous consequences because this is one of the absolutely basic elements of cleansing. You can choose from ready-made and home-made scrubs because both create similar results. To make DIY facial peel, combine any plant-based oil with salt, sugar or oat flakes. When used regularly – once a week, for example – it prevents dullness and breakouts.

Facial tonic

This product keeps skin’s pH balanced, soothes irritations and replenishes water to skin. It’s also able to free skin from impurity and dust that other cleansing skincare products fail to remove. Alternatively, you may reach for floral water that suits your skin type.


Argan oil

This oil seems to be the most universal one, and has a large skin-repairing potential. This oil is rich in over 100 active substances that together create a deeply nourishing blend for all skin types. One of its biggest advantages is that it is fast-absorbing, leaving no greasy film on the face.

Sweet almond oil

This oil works best when applied under makeup, but it can be also used for regular skincare treatments, eg. jade roller face massage. Sweet almond oil smells wonderful, is lightweight and is incredibly effective at bringing relief, promoting smoothness and improving moisture.

Avocado oil

This one is the richest when it comes to the vitamin content, and therefore avocado oil should be used mainly during the colder seasons, when nourishment is especially needed. Avocado oil is one of the most popular plant-based oils used for appearance-improving purposes. Many cosmetic brands use this all-natural substance, adding it to their skincare products.

Castor oil

Fairly under-rated, even though proven to be essential for skin. Without castor oil you can’t carry out the Oil Cleansing Method that is known for freeing skin from all types of impurities. Additionally, castor oil is antibacterial, so it helps deal with acne and leaves skin even-toned.

* Be sure to always match care products with your skin type. Each skin type requires a different set of nutrients, therefore always check the list of ingredients to pick the product that will satisfy all your current skin needs.

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