BIO Organic Argan Oil by Etja

by Catelyn Cox

It nourishes, increases suppleness of skin and makes it more elastic – this is how Etja advertises its natural argan oil. This brand is inspired by beauty rituals practiced in many countries and offers only natural essential oils as well as natural oils of the highest quality. This time, the inspiration were Moroccan women using liquid gold of Berbers to treat their hair and body with. This is how Argan oil Bio Organic by Etja was created.

Who can use Bio Organic Argan Oil by Etja?

Each of the oils Etja offers features a set of specific qualities and targets particular beauty problems of human body. Argan oil is one of the multi-purpose vegetable oils available. It is recommended to treat mainly sensitive, mature, dehydrated or acne-prone skin. Of course, this oil can be also applied to normal skin type, which is complexion that doesn’t expose any health problems.

How does Bio Organic Argan Oil by Etja work?

Features of argan oil are exceptionally remarkable. Natural, 100% oil extracted from Argan tree delivers strong moisturising and nourishing action, which in fact shouldn’t surprise if we realise how many precious substances the oil contains. It’s also worth pointing out that argan oil is able to increase suppleness of skin and improve its elasticity, soothe irritations, relieve skin and prevent wrinkles. Moreover, this natural oil is recognized for restoring natural shine to skin and hair, it strengthens and rebuilds cell structures. All of these qualities characterise the action that Etja’s product delivers.

How to use Bio Organic Argan Oil by Etja for hair and body care?

Extracted from eco-friendly materials and being100% natural argan oil is a marvellous conditioning cosmetic, therefore, it can be used in many ways. Etja presents a few ideas how to use argan oil:

  • for either professional or home skin supplying massage,
  • for problematic skin care,
  • for enriching creams, shampoos, conditioners and masks,
  • for reducing visibility and combating cellulite,
  • for rejuvenating/regenerating baths;
  • for encouraging hair regeneration;
  • for conditioning, nourishing and reinforcing of fingernails;
  • for foot and hand baths to soften the skin.
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