Nanoil. Concentrated power of natural hair oils

by Catelyn Cox

Nanoil. Concentrated power of natural hair oils

Hair care can be nice, easy and effective. Nanoil hair oils are the best proof that natural ingredients provide enormous powers. Simply embrace that power and seal it in an elegant bottle. This is how you obtain a product like Nanoil – luxurious, full of natural components with stunning effects.

The trend of hair oiling has not come out of nowhere. More and more women are willingly reaching for natural oils to use in their everyday hair care. They are following the lead of Asian women. The tradition of hair oiling derives from India, where oils allow to maintain proper hair hydration, prevent water loss and protect against harmful sun radiation in a scorching hot climate.

Nowadays, we are all aware of the fact that oils have unbelievable potential. No wonder that cosmetic producers decide to use them in their products. What properties do oils have to offer? Applied regularly to scalp, oils can really work wonders: they moisturise, replenish nutritional deficiencies, regenerate, give shine and velvety softness, improve resilience, reduce brittleness, protect against harmful agents, strengthen from roots to ends, prevent split ends, inhibit hair loss, boost hair growth, and even eliminate problems such as dandruff, oily scalp, frizz or static. This is one of a few such multifunctional substances that we can obtain directly from nature.

NANOIL – get the key to beautiful hair

Nanoil oils for hair of different porosity is a novelty on the cosmetic market. The product is not based on synthetic ingredients with names that are difficult to pronounce. Innovation is hidden in carefully selected oils that are perfectly matched to hair porosity. Nanoil is a combination of vegetable oils of ideal proportions of fatty acids that contain precious nutrients and many valuable protective ingredients. No other product approaches hair care is such a precise way. All three Nanoil oils are the answer to the needs of hair that has different porosity. They require the support of oil with various content of fatty acids.

Worth knowing!

Hair porosity is the level of hair damage, which is determined on the basis of the condition of the outer hair structure. Healthy hair has tightly bound cuticle layer with overlapping scales – low porosity. Damaged hair has gaps and holes in the cuticle – high porosity. In the middle, there is weakened hair of medium porosity.

Nanoil - all 3 oil types

Each type of hair requires different kind of care, varied components and more, or less, effort. Therefore, hair oiling is the best treatment that you can perform in the comfort of your own home. Strands that are naturally more difficult to style will be fond of lighter oils and oiling with a mist. Extremely damaged wisps need strong regeneration, preferably by hot oil treatment. However, the struggle with dandruff will be solved with the use of oil responsible for regulating scalp functioning. It is all possible with Nanoil.

 How do natural oils in Nanoil work?

The success of Nanoil hair oils series includes perfect selection of natural oils and vegetable butters, which are enriched with necessary additional components. Their action is based on a detailed analysis of the structure of human hair. Effective care is the one that begins in the scalp. It is known that external protection, smoothing and hair radiance are also important. It is all given by Nanoil. However, they are better than other hair care products because they solve the problem of hair poor condition instead of camouflaging it.

NANOIL FOR LOW POROSITY HAIR is the perfect solution for people with hair that is usually straight, heavy, difficult to style (for example, uneasy to create curls), exposed to harmful sun radiation and high temperatures. It comprises:

  • cedar oil – normalises scalp pH and the work of sebaceous glands
  • coconut oil – protects hair fibre
  • argan oil – provides strong thermal protection and antioxidant properties
  • castor oil – boosts hair growth, preserves colour
  • shea butter – prevents water loss
  • maracuja oil – slows down cell ageing processes
  • babassu butter – facilitates combing and styling without overburdening
  • monoi oil – protects hair from damages
  • cupuacu butter – provides resilience and revitalising properties.

NANOIL FOR HIGH POROSITY HAIR will work well whenever you need strong regeneration because your hair is damaged, brittle, split, dehydrated, frizzy and static. This oil consist of:

  • sweet almond oil – smooths and prevents brittleness
  • argan oil – repairs hair structure deficiencies
  • evening primrose oil – improves scalp condition, prevents water loss
  • avocado oil – prevents frizz, enhances radiance
  • maracuja oil – regulates sebum secretion
  • cotton seed oil – a remedy for split ends.

NANOIL FOR MEDIUM POROSITY HAIR is a product dedicated for women whose hair causes troubles, has the tendency to brittling, becoming dull and splitting. On top of that, its condition significantly worsens which is very difficult to control. The product includes:

  • macadamia oil – adds shine, resilience and nourishment
  • argan oil – protects against hot temperature
  • marula oil – strengthens hair natural protective coating, moistuises
  • jojoba oil – regulates sebum secretion, heals dandruff
  • maracuja oil – prevents frizz, softens and tames unruly strands,
  • coconut oil – protects hair ends

In addition to so many natural oils contained in the Nanoil products there are also two precious ingredients – Kerastim – prevents hair loss and Baicapil – stimulates its growth. What is more, you will also find vitamins essential for hair (strengthening vitamin A and antioxidant vitamin E), silk, UV protection, panthenol, keratin and lanolin responsible for providing softness.

Take care of your hair the way you want!

Hair Care with Nanoil is effortless and does not take much time. This is the only oil that provides various possibilities of application. Unlike other hair care products, we can apply it to hair and / or scalp as we want and whenever we feel the need to. Nevertheless, do not forget that regularity of application, which provides long-lasting and visible results is extremely important. Nanoil can be used:

  • on dry or damp hair from the middle of their length downwards,
  • only to rub into the scalp,
  • as a styling primer,
  • in overnight hair oiling, for an in-depth regeneration,
  • even several times a day, eg. in the form of a mist,
  • as an additional supplement or lotions,
  • for a few minutes or hours before shampooing.


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18 Comments “Nanoil. Concentrated power of natural hair oils”

  1. Lizzie

    I started oiling my hair a few months ago and I completely fell in love with this method of hair care! My hair never looked better

    • Yasmine

      Same here! I’ve tried out plenty of different oils including amla, oils by loreal, kerastase, flaxseed oil….at the moment I am using nanoil for medium porosity hair and it actually works best

  2. marie_31

    I haven’t used nanoil yet but soon I’ll run out of redken and I’m definitely going to order nanoil

  3. AnnJ

    my hair loves avocado oil so I am willing to try out this oil blend

  4. Alexia

    for me, the best one is macadamia! I’ve been using it for a few months now and the hair look a lot better

  5. Jessa_93

    this oil is a bit pricey

    • m83

      You can’t buy high quality for pennies. The composition comprises a few very good oils anf if yiu want to buy them separately, that would be a lot more expensive

    • K.J.

      It might seem expensive at first but the bottle lasts for a very long time and the product bring tremendous results so I think it’s worth the money

  6. Frances H

    I’ve been using flaxseed oil for months and it worked very well at first but later, I discivered that it brings even better results accompanied by other oils

  7. rosie27

    I’ve read so mush about hair treatment with coconut oil that I finally decided to try it out. Unforunately, it was on big disappointment. Apparently, hair oiling is not for everyone.

    • angeline

      of course it’s for everyone because it’s the best methods of hair care but the most important thing is to determine your hair type and match the proper oil. Thus if coconut oil did not work for you then maybe you have high porosity hair and in this case you can try out flaxseed oil or avocado oil.

      • Patti

        I my opinion, using just one oil will never be as effeective as using a blend of oils. Identify your hair tye first and choose one of the nanoil hair oils this way you will get a blend of excellent oils and a few more beneficial ingredients

  8. Cassie

    When my hair started falling out, I started using castor oil but the application was very annoying because the oil is very thick. It was a lil bit easier to apply it to wet hair but still, it’s neither easy nor pleasant.

    • not_me

      I managed to apply it to dry hair after warming it up but I didn’t have to deal withit for too long because my hair stylist recommended me nanoil. Now I can see that my hair got stronger and thicker.

      • Natasha

        That’s something for me! My hair got thinner recently and it doesn’t look good at all. I must definitely try out hair oiling with this oil

  9. nicky.d

    I’m not netireky sure what’s my hair like when it comes to the porosity, I had done the water test and the one with flour but the result were completely opposite. I just cannot detemine the porosity type:|

    • Linda

      I took a quick peek at the nanoil website, just out of poure curiosity. I found a quick and easy porosity test there It seems to be reliable

  10. @nn

    I leave comments very rarely but this time I just cannot help myself – for me this cosmetic is just brilliant! After a few weeks of regula hair oiling my hair stopped falling out! I’m continuing the treatment and I can see many baby hairs gowing along the hair line and at the temples. I highly recommend this product


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