Olive Oil & Pepper – the Best Scalp Conditioner for Hair Growth

by Catelyn Cox

Long, voluminous and (most of all) healthy hair is the dream of many women. It’s little wonder that various hair growth remedies are getting more and more popular. Olive oil and pepper scalp lotion is one of them. Does it actually work?

Hair loss is a problem that more and more people are struggling with. Do you also lose far too many strands and notice your hairdo getting thinner day by day?

It is high time to do something about it. There are lots of effective products but you should test an unusual method which is budget at the same time first.

Hair growth remedy straight from Instagram

Nowadays, we like to try ideas that we come across online. Social media ideas set current trends. If they additionally help us solve out one of the biggest hair problems, why don’t we give them a try?

The subject of hair loss was brought up by Indian blogger, Farah Dhukai who owned up to suffering from pattern hair loss for a long time. Luckily, she manages to handle the problem thanks to a mix of two ingredients that we all have at our fingertips – olive oil and pepper. She says this simple conditioner works wonders, providing videos showing lots of baby hairs.

Hair growth olive oil & pepper scalp conditioner

Can a duo of olive oil and pepper really enhance your hair growth and hold back hair loss?
It is possible because these two ingredients complement each other.

1. Olive oil is a lightweight nourishing base which delivers essential nutrients to hair and scalp, as well as bolsters natural hydro-lipid layer. Thanks to the oil, hair is stronger, moisturised, smooth and better-looking.

2. Black pepper is an ingredient which has a slightly irritating effect and thus it stimulates blood flow to the scalp. This results in increased flow of nutrients and oxygen delivered to the scalp and consequently – faster hair growth.

The combination of both ingredients makes the olive oil and pepper scalp lotion work incredibly for hair which falls out in excess because it:

  • makes hair bulbs in scalp stronger;
  • enhances the blood flow and nourishes;
  • stimulates hair follicles and hair growth;
  • exfoliates dead skin and amazingly purifies.

How to make a pepper hair growth enhancer?

Preparing the homemade scalp treatment isn’t difficult. You need just two ingredients – cold-pressed olive oil and black pepper (freshly minced or crushed flakes).

Recipe for olive oil & pepper scalp conditioner:

  1. Slightly heat up a cup of olive oil (don’t let it boil).
  2. Add a heaped spoon of pepper.
  3. Mix well, preferably use a blender.
  4. Put the muddy mixture aside for two weeks in a shadowy place.
  5. Drain the mixture through the bandage gauze.
  6. Pour the resulting liquid into a clean bottle.

The worst thing about making the product is the necessity for waiting long. The two weeks are needed so that olive oil blends with pepper, or so that pepper can give away all its ingredients and properties. After this period, the treatment is stronger and more intensive than a fresh mixture right after mixing the oil with pepper.

How to use olive oil & pepper scalp lotion?

In order to spot the effects of the oil and pepper working, you need to remember to use the conditioner before every washing routine. Even everyday use at the beginning won’t do any harm. Then, you can get down to 2-3 times a week when you see much fewer hairs falling out. Rub the olive oil and pepper lotion in scalp and leave it in for an hour, or preferably overnight – the longer the mixture stays on the scalp, the better the effect is.

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