Sea buckthorn oil for hair ends from Natura Siberica

by Catelyn Cox

beauty.jpgNatura Siberica belongs to prestigious brands. It gained the trust of women from around the world thanks to products developed with passion that are natural of a very good quality and affordable price. Carefully selected, derived from the purest regions of the world ingredients are the main feature of the company. Therefore, Natura Siberica also has in its offer a range of natural oils designed for hair care. All three of them belong to the Professional line with sea buckthorn. Oil for damaged hair ends deserves special attention. Keep reading to find out why.

Sea buckthorn oil complex for hair ends comes in a capacity of 50 ml. Its main task is to deeply nourish and regenerate hair ends. It prevents braking and splitting, at the same time protecting from adverse effects of high temperatures – not only strong sun but also hot blow-dryer air and heat generated by straightener and curling wand.

Hair ends complex is thick and easy to apply to strands. Sea buckthorn oil contain many valuable vitamins (including vitamin E called the vitamin of youth) and a diversity of unsaturated fatty acids with an extremely rare acid from the group of omega-7 (palmitic-oleic). This acid effectively regenerates skin cells and maintains hair resilience. Moreover, the cosmetic also comprise argan oil – irreplaceable when it comes to protecting hair ends and flaxseed oil which perfectly moisturises and nourishes thin wisps. Therefore, it is very useful in the care of thin, extremely dry strands that are tired of styling. Myrtle oil is another interesting and unusual ingredient used in the Natura Siberica serum. This component has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Additionally, it prevents bacteria and contaminants from penetrating inside hair.

Oil can be used every day, applied to the hair ends. In order to provide better absorbency, it ought to be rubbed into damp wisps right after washing. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for hair oiling and should not be applied to the scalp.

Natura Siberica is famous for nicely designed packaging. The bottle of sea buckthorn oil for damaged hair also draws attention: it is equipped with a pipette that facilitates the application, while the label is decorated with plan patterns of nice colours of blue, orange and red.

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