Argan oil – a short and contentful compendium of knowledge

by Catelyn Cox

Did you know that…

– the scalp and follicles are the most important in hair care?

– no shampoo or conditioner will provide full regeneration?

– hair products contain silicones, parabens and petroleum derivatives, that damage the hair can irritate the scalp?

Hair requires a strong product with concentrated power of nutrients. Natural oils are definitely the best products among which Argan oil takes the lead.

This amber substance is one of the most valuable oils known and used in cosmetics. It works as a concentrated rejuvenating serum that regenerates the body, face and hair. Argan oil is suitable for hand, nail and foot care as well. The versatility and effectiveness proven throughout centuries make Argan oil a universal cosmetic that outclasses a range of others. 

The oil can easily replace a face serum, a facial cream, an under eye cream, makeup remover, body lotion, and in hair care: a balm, a mask, a conditioner, as well as heat protection and dry and damaged ends serum.

Regeneration and improvement in appearance are the main tasks of this precious substance. As soon as Argan oil ends up on the hair, it quickly and effectively:

– seals the scales; smoothes the hair, 

– nurtures the ends and prevents frizz, 

– tames unruly strands; facilitates styling, 

– protects against the heat generated by styling tools, such as a straightener, curling wand, blow-dryer, 

– works within the hair: reaches the cortex and repairs damage, 

– reinforces bulbs and prevents hair loss, 

– ensures the proper level of moisture, 

– inhibits hair loss, 

– contains natural UV filter that protects the hair against solar radiation.

Argan oil is the source of:

– good fatty acids  (omega-6 and omega-9)

– phytosterols and carotenoids

– mineral and vitamins (especially vitamin E – there is more than in Olive oil)

– butyrospermol (a substance that takes care of the skin and hair while and after sunbathing)

Argan oil works very well when used on its own, however, is it best to combine it with other natural oils to create a vitamin booster for the hair and scalp. 


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