At-Home SPA for Flawless Skin. Easy, Fast, Effective!

by Catelyn Cox

Don’t you just love to unwind after a busy day, lying in the tub? Even if you’re too busy to pamper yourself this way, you should find a moment to let your face relax from time to time. Sometimes it takes little time and simple DIY cosmetics. At-home face spa works wonders guaranteeing nourished, hydrated skin.

Constant feelings of stress and fatigue don’t make our face look its best for sure. It becomes dull, lacks shine, and first lines start to appear. The face reveals any sleepless night and concern.

What is an at-home facial spa for flawless skin?

You can read about at-home spa and warm bubble bath everywhere, but there’s also an option that takes less time, that is at-home facial. What is this all about? Such home spa uses relaxing facials to remove tension and signs of fatigue from face, and add the amazing healthy shine and a supply of hydration to the skin.

Home face spa can be done easily and it really won’t take much of your precious time. Such beauty treatment is great when you are super tired and need to vent fast or when your skin looks dull and could use some glow-creating tricks. How to rejuvenate and brighten the skin, delivering essential nutrients at the same time?

At-Home Spa for Face Skin; Step-by-Step Guide

Believe it or not, you have most of the essential ingredients at home so you just need to find some time and follow a few simple steps for flawless skin.

1st step | Makeup removal (OCM)

This is the most important part of your face care routine. We always need to get rid of any impurities such as dust, toxins or oil. Why don’t you try OCM, aka oil cleansing method? Mix some castor bean oil with a carrier oil e.g. almond or argan oil. Vegetable oils are super effective at removing any dirt, plus prevent tight feeling skin and dryness. Your skin is nourished and hydrated from the very first stage of skin care.

2nd step | Face steaming for flawless skin

Have you heard of a face steaming treatment? You pour some boiling water into a bawl, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and lean over the mixture, covering the head with a towel to lock the steam in. This is the best facial to open the skin pores and clear them. Face steaming lets you get rid of blackheads and other imperfections, get softer skin, and prep it for next treatments.

3rd step | Face mask

At-home spa requires a face mask. You can make a deeply-nourishing, moisturizing mask at home and it is not hard at all. Browse through the Internet for ideas and DIY recipes, and use the one that is based on ingredients you already have at home. For example, a skin-repair face mask can be based on honey and yogurt. Apply the mixture on the skin, put cucumber slices on the eyelids (remember that’s what they do in the movies!) and… take a nap.

4th step | Oil treatment + massage

After washing off the mask, lock the hydration in the skin by applying natural, unrefined, cold-pressed oils e.g. argan, jojoba, castor or almond oil. Massage it into the skin for a few minutes to brighten the face and keep it safe from the external aggressors. This is the best way to finish your at-home spa sessions for flawless skin.

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