Glycerine for eyelashes. Does it accelerate lash growth?

by Catelyn Cox

Although length and thickness of eyelashes are inherited, these tiny hairs can get weaker under the influence of various factors. How to take care of eyelashes so as to make them healthy and beautiful? One of eyelash conditioning techniques is using glycerine. Is it an effective method of eyelash care?

We frequently neglect our eyelashes because we are convinced that they don’t need much to grow properly. That’s a huge mistake we make. Eyelashes, despite being the thinnest of all our body hair, need reinforcement, too. They need this additional support because of being constantly exposed to damages and weakening due to mascara, make-up removal and weather conditions (cold, wind). Apart from that, eyelashes play an important role – they protect our eyes. Even though eyelashes are similar to hair growing on our head, they require being conditioned in a slightly different way.

Do you know, that…?
Human eyelashes fulfil the same function as animal whiskers – they detect danger such as an approaching foreign body. Thanks to this, an eyelid can protect eye in a more efficient way.

Eyelashes’ lifespan is definitely shorter than other hair’s – it lasts only 3-4 months. This is the very reason why it’s so important to condition them regularly. Every another eyelash can grow out weaker and shorter unless we provide them with the proper care. Luckily, we can reach for glycerine. How does it work?


This is one of the most popular ingredients added to, for example, hair conditioners. Glycerine is the simplest alcohol – safe for our hair and organism if used in moderation, of course. Moreover, as far as eyelash care is concerned, glycerine has very interesting set of features since it:

• balances hydration level,
• protects from damaging factors.

Does glycerine accelerate eyelash growth?

The better moisturised eyelashes and the better protection against damages, the faster the lashes grow. Eyelash health translates into their beauty. However, we shouldn’t treat glycerine as some kind of a miraculous ingredient of incredible features speeding up lash extension. Indeed, it conditions hair well but if applied alone, it won’t accelerate eyelash growth. This can be obtained only if glycerine is combined with castor oil which is responsible for stimulating eyelash bulbs.

A way better solution is using glycerine as an extra reinforcement delivered between treating lashes with a concentrated serum. These widely recommended eyelash conditioners work more effectively, are easier to apply and are absorbed faster.

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