6 bad habits that keep ruining your hair

by Catelyn Cox

Dream hair?
If you want to make it come true, perhaps you are one step from getting this stunning hairdo and long, glossy, strong hair. The sad truth is that even really tiny niceties might get in the way of having dream hair. Find out whether some of the below mentioned bad habits are familiar to you.

Habits that keep ruining your hair

Indeed, there are factors that weaken condition of our hair or even contribute to its severe damages: seasonal changes, mediacations, hormones and chronic stress. Sadly, it also happens that apart from the factors, we are the ones to blame. It turns out that hair dislike when

1. You sleep with wet hair

Wet hair structure is exceptionally delicate: it’s ‘fluffied’ with water, more absorbent so it’s easier to harm it. Therefore, if you keep falling asleep with wet hair, you make the damages even worse. This directly leads to split ends and brittleness. Naturally, while sleeping, we change our body position quite frequently without realising this, we toss and turn while dreaming. Then, we rub our hair against a pillow and deprive the strands of moisture. This is why right after waking up the hair is dry and frizzy. Trying to arrange a good-looking hairdo is hardly possible. However, if there is no other option and you have to go to sleep with wet hair, braid it. Thanks to this, you will shield your strands against rubbing and damages while you sleep. Also, it will be much easier for you to comb the hair and arrange in a hairdo in the morning.

2. You sleep on a cotton pillow

A cotton pillow – it sounds healthy and surely cotton allows good air circulation, but it’d be better if you limited yourself to a cotton duvet only and replace the pillow with a silk one. It turns out that cotton is too rough for our hair and simply damages it while we sleep soundly. Think about this for a while, you expose your hair to micro-damages for more or less 7 hours a day.

3. You don’t brush your hair too often

If your grandma told you that hair must be combed often then you must realise that… she was right! It seems logical because scalp produces sebum. Its aim is to make hair a little bit lubricated to protect it from dehydration and damages. When you comb the hair, you distribute the sebum evenly along the entire hair length. Moreover, thanks to frequent combing you also improve blood circulation, stimulates hair bulbs and accelerate hair growth. Finally, you also protect hair against dryness, water loss, condition it and improve its appearance.

4. You keep tying it tight

A high bun or ponytail that won’t disturb you while exercising? If it happens that you treat your hair like that from time to time, then there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you keep your strands tied tightly often – you weaken their structure. Stretched hair equals strained hair bulb that doesn’t work properly, and it can even slip out from the follicle. Therefore, if you don’t want to lose more hair, absolve yourself from tight ties. Also, it’s worth bearing in mind that if you keep tying the hair in the same place, it will deform so its structure might get damaged.

5. You don’t condition strands saying that you don’t have time for that

It’s probably the most frequently repeated argument. Although the producers launch various hair care products that don’t require being rinsed off, they still don’t have a chance to find their place in the bathrooms of people who limit their morning and evening hair care to minimum. Yet, there is a solution for that: get yourself a special conditioner/hair mask/oil destined for night care. Apply the cosmetic at bedtime and wash your hair in the morning, as you are used to. Thanks to this you will provide your hair with intensive treatment and either the conditioner or oil will have the opportunity to work and regenerate hair while you are sleeping. Also, if you can do this, bring a special spray conditioner to your work. Leave it in a restroom to spray your hair with every time you get there. You will see the difference within a few days.

6. You apply too many hairstyling products

Undoubtedly, hairstyling products make our lives easier – especially when we have rough, hard to style hair. Remember though that the excess of hairspray, gel, mousse or any other similar product doesn’t serve hair well. As a result, the strands become weighed down and it’s easy for them to get dehydrated (such products often contain alcohol in their composition). Additionally, hair covered with the excess of products attracts toxins and dirt. If you can, try to resign from using hair sprays and mousses, or if you have to, go for the products with natural composition. Basically, you can style your hair applying a flaxseed gel – a trick beloved by hairmaniacks. Flaxseed gel doesn’t only style hair but also leaves it intensively conditioned.

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