Super Fast Hair Oil Treatment. How to Use Oils When You’re Pressed for Time?

by Catelyn Cox

You don’t have time for spending long hours to treat your hair to oil treatments? You can adapt standard methods to yourself. Check out the ways to perform an express hair oil treatment (even if you’re pressed for time).

The most common hair care problem is… lack of time. Applying a mask, doing a scalp scrub or hair oil treatment – everything needs time and we often run out of it.

When thoughts of exchanging hair oils for a leave-in conditioner cross your mind, try to remember how many benefits are captured in natural oils and how they work on hair.

Benefits of oils

Natural oils are the treasure trove of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, plant sterols and essential fatty acids which reinforce our natural hydro-lipid layer. They contain everything your hair and scalp may need.

This is what makes regular hair oil treatment an incredible way to upgrade your hair condition and – consequently – its good looks. In a natural, extremely easy way and – above all – with permanent effect.

Why apply oils to hair?

You should remember that regular (every 2-3 days) hair oil treatment:

  • prevents the loss of moisture
  • protects hair from the sunlight, heat, toxins, frost
  • gifts hair with softness and smoothness
  • nourishes, strengthens, enhances repair
  • blocks excessive fall out
  • eases detangling, combing and styling
  • ensures hair vitality and youthfulness

Ways to apply hair oil treatments

If you want to care for your hair using oils, you can choose between various possibilities. The most popular at-home hair oil treatment techniques each of us can do include:

  • applying an oil to dry hair – wash your hair at first, let it air-dry, apply a chosen oil or a blend of oils, rinse out after 30-60 minutes
  • applying an oil to wet hair – wash your hair, gently towel dry, cover it up with a favourite oil treatment and rewash the hair after around an hour
  • applying an oil with the help of a cup/bowl – prepare a mixture of warm water and oils (a few drops of favorite oil each will do), and soak your hair in it for several minutes
  • hot oil hair treatment – an oiling method which requires more time because before you apply an oil to wet hair, you must heat it up first; then, secure your hair using a warm towel

By looking at the above instructions, there is no wonder that we sometimes have little time to care for hair with oils… However, there are easier ways to use hair oil treatments. Familiar with any of them?

Ultra-fast hair oil treatment – hints

How to make hair oil treatment less time-consuming?

  1. Before applying an oi,you don’t have to wash your hair. Simply comb it out and spread the oil, reducing the washes to just one to get rid of the oil residue.
  2. Applying an oil in the shower is a another game-changing solution. While in the shower, you must dampen your hair, rub the oil in and get to cleaning your body – killing two birds with one stone!
  3. Another rapid oil treatment is about using a spray oil. Do it yourself by mixing a natural oil with water or favorite hydrosol. In an atomiser bottle, this oil treatment is easy and quick to apply before or after washing or during the day.
  4. Instead of washing hair before oiling, just dampen it. The moisture enhances the absorption of oils and makes them work more strongly. All you must do is gently wet it or spritz with a spray thermal water.
  5. If you’re a morning hair washer type, try out overnight oil treatment. You comb out the hair and apply an oil in the evening before sleep. Make a braid or a high bun and get your beauty sleep. Then, in the morning, there’s no need for lengthy hair care routine – you wash hair as always and style it as usual.
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