Hair care in the Men’s World: Hair conditioner for men

by Catelyn Cox

A guy + hair conditioner = the lack of manhood. We can encounter this stereotype quite often and it is being usually continued by the interested party. When you offer your boyfriend or husband something more than hair shampoo you subject yourself to scornful look and an answer like “I’m not a girl”. That is not very wise, because men’s hair also need nourishment!

Luckily, men are more and more keen on use of specialistic cosmetic sets and hair conditioners dedicated for men. They are more often to be seen on hair dresser’s chair and it is no longer weird to see a guy with well trimmed hair. This is quite a shift in comparison to few or several years back. At that time men’s hair care was based on shaving and washing with shampoo. Why did men start to take care of their hair as well?

In a significant part it is all thanks to the mass media. More commercials of products for men, more well taken care of anchormen and actors and changes in perception of hair care – it all influenced the success, which is greater awareness of men. They stop being afraid of hair conditioners, do not consider it to be something evil and start to understand that it can help them to tame whatever chaos happens on their heads.

What is different about hair care of men and women? Here answer can surprise you. Nothing. Unless you take into consideration that for men you have to eliminate hair conditioners with typically feminine floral scents. These are just not for men. What’s interesting that men do not need manly hair conditioners. More important than design is composition, which is no different from the one in hair products for women. Hair care is always based on the same rules and provides the same results.

Can you tell on first sight if man uses hair conditioner? Of course not! Every man with great hair and nice hair cut will draw our attention, but certainly not in the context of wondering whether he uses hair conditioner or not. You cannot tell if man has glossy and healthy her by nature or he spends evenings on the conditioning. The same goes for women and men. Hair care of both genders runs on the same rules.

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