Peloid Bath: Probably it has the most health benefits of all therapeutic baths!

by Catelyn Cox

Do you need to set your body up? Not only your skin but the entire body as well would use some support from time to time. Luckily, such a common thing like taking a bath appears to be one of the best remedies to defuse the tension. And the bath we’re talking about isn’t regular, but peloid. Carry on reading to find out how this therapeutic bath improves the skin and why it’s said to be the best natural substance to use for bathing.

Peloid? What’s that?

Peloid is a type of peat. It forms as a result of plant decay, which is owed mainly to microorganisms. Peloid is considered by many as a one-of-a-kind mud type because it’s a rich source of humic acid and bitumen. Additionally, the peloid also contains wax, resin, good fatty acids, cellulose, amino acids and lignin. Finally, the peloid is also formulated with biologically active substances that are antibacterial. As it’s plain to see, the list of substances offering various health benefits is pretty long.

Indications for taking a peloid bath

On which occasions should you make use of the benefits of peloid? What ailments does peloid bath eliminate? Here are the most common indications:

  • joint degeneration
  • rheumatism
  • bone and muscle pain/fatigue
  • chronic inflammation of the spine
  • gynaecological conditions
  • neuralgia
  • spasms of skeletal muscles
  • cellulite, wrinkles, skin dryness, irritations
  • muscle soreness

The marvelous powers of peloid baths

All the constituents of the peloid have a positive influence on the body, joints and skin. Learn the key benefits of peloid:

  • it has an antirheumatic effect.
  • it’s proven to strengthen joints and deal with investing cartilages, thus perfect for sportspeople and the elderly.
  • it’s an all-natural skincare product able to combat cellulite and shape the body.
  • it warms up the body.
  • is anti-inflammatory.
  • it deals with bacteria.
  • it repairs and improves skin’s suppleness.
  • it boosts blood flow.
  • it slows down ageing and prevents wrinkles.

Peloid baths at home

Do you know that you can prepare peloid baths at home? Just visit your local pharmacy and ask for peloid bars or ready-made peloid emulsions. It’s worth realizing that peloid is often added to many body products such as Dead Sea body salt and various body washes.

How to prepare a peloid bath at home

Start with drinking plenty of fresh mineral water before you begin the treatment. Basically, you can start drinking it earlier if you know that you’re going to take a peloid bath in the evening. In this way you will get yourself well-hydrated which later, when you start the treatment, will lead to increased sweat secretion – this is how your body gets rid of the toxins.

Now, when you fill the tub with water, throw in the peloid cosmetic of your choice (salt, bar, body wash). For detailed instructions for use, read the label. Dip your body into the water, but before doing that make sure that the water isn’t too hot. The first peloid bath shouldn’t take you longer than 10-15 minutes, yet with every other treatment you can extend the time reaching 20-25 min max. You can take a peloid bath even twice or three times a week, yet the most optimal results will be achieved if you take the peloid bath on a weekly basis – it ensures the best effects.

Once you finish, give yourself some rest – just lay yourself on a bed. The room temperature shouldn’t exceed 22 degrees Celsius (72 degrees Fahrenheit). Last piece of advice is that on the same day, you should refrain from doing any type of physical activity (e.g. working out) because this may increase your body temperature again – this should be avoided.

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