Scalp Lotions: How To Pick the Best One

by Catelyn Cox

It can’t be denied, scalp lotions have become one of the top hair products nowadays. Every hair-junkie has at least one scalp conditioner at home. No wonder why, after all those products promote faster hair growth and combat excessive hair loss. Interestingly, massaging dedicated lotions into the scalp isn’t anything new. If you ask your grandma whether she used to apply lotions to the scalp, she will probably give you a positive answer.

What Exactly Are Scalp Lotions?

As the name suggests, scalp lotions’ texture is runny. Best products of this type are formulated with plant and herbal extracts. Some scalp lotions also contain alcohol, but such products may cause irritation, especially if the scalp is dry and sensitive. Best scalp lotions include some of the following ingredients:

  • burdock root extract
  • biotin
  • capsaicin
  • aloe
  • mint
  • horsetail oil/extract
  • rosemary oil/extract
  • avocado oil
  • black radish extract

Benefits of Scalp Lotions

There are plenty of benefits that scalp lotions have on hair and scalp. Most people use scalp lotion because they ensure:

  • faster hair growth
  • reduced hair thinning
  • baby hair
  • dealing with the problem of oily hair
  • improving circulation in the scalp
  • better-looking hair from the roots to tips

Scalp Lotion: Directions for Use

Depending on the product you buy, you need either to spray the scalp with it or use a dropper that often comes with a lotion. When you put a portion of the product on the scalp, you have to start massaging your head using circular motions. If you want to, you can use a head massager, but that isn’t compulsory. The whole procedure takes around 2-4 minutes. The best thing about scalp lotions is that you can apply them whenever you want: an hour before shampooing, after hair washing, or in the evening, for example at bedtime.

How Often Should You Apply Scalp Lotion?

The thing about scalp lotions is that you have to apply them regularly. Otherwise, it may be hard for you to see the effects. Mild scalp lotions can be used every day, for example before going to bed. Alcohol-based products should be used less often, 2-3 times a week should do. If you notice irritation, reddens or itchiness after a week of regular use, change the scalp lotion because those products shouldn’t trigger any discomfort. The good news is that you can treat your scalp with two different lotions by turns.

When Will You See the Results?

First effects should become noticeable after 3-4 weeks of treatment. Later, you can reduce the frequency of using your scalp lotion. Verifying whether the strands get longer due to the scalp lotion treatment may be hard to do, especially if your measuring tool is your “naked eye”, therefore we suggest taking the before and after photos because this will help you see the hair growth easier.

Which Scalp Lotion To Pick?

Firstly, check the list of ingredients. A good scalp lotion would be formulated with some of the substances listed above. If your scalp is dry and sensitive, avoid using alcohol-based products because they increase the risk of irritation. Secondly, choose the cosmetic that allows you to apply it without difficulties like for example atomizer bottles, but obviously it’s up to you. Apart from using ready-made products, you can prepare your own scalp lotion at home. Brew nettle, horsetail and sage, wait until it cools down and you’re ready to go – you can apply your diy scalp lotion.

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