Self tanner splotches? How to remove them fast and effectively?

by Catelyn Cox

When you lack either time or sun to get a tan, you reach for a self-tanning cream. Yet, when being in a rush, it’s easy to spoil the final effect. What can we do when unevenly distributed self-tanning cream leaves blotches on our skin? Luckily, there are a few methods to remove such stains from our bodies.

Perhaps every woman who used at least once in her life a self-tanning cream happened to apply it unskillfully and end up with blemishing marks on skin. Undoubtedly, this is one of the biggest flaws of self tanners that look good only when spread carefully, evenly and precisely on skin. Basically, skin must be prepared for receiving a self-tanning cream, which requires time too.

Before applying a self tanner

How to prepare skin for a self-tanning cream?

  1. A week prior to applying a self-tanning cream keep moisturising skin.
  2. A day before applying a self tanner, exfoliate your skin with a body scrub.
  3. Right before using a self-tanning cream make your skin completely dry and clean, don’t apply a balm.

Following these three simple rules reduces the risk of creating uneven fake tan. Moisturized, nourished and smooth skin gets along with a self-tanning cream which doesn’t gather in creases of skin. Thanks to this, there is a bigger chance for you to achieve the flawless fake tan.

How to apply a self tanner?

Naturally, making skin ready for a self-tanning cream isn’t the only thing that should be done to prevent blemishing smudges and marks. The easiest way to do it is to follow a few simple rules of using a self tanner.

  1. Use a really small amount of the product, because the less you use it, the lower the risk of uneven coating.
  2. Use scant amounts of a self-tanning cream to your knees and elbows, which are the body parts where tan might get darker.
  3. Keep spreading the product precisely, best if you use a special glove for a while to make sure that the product is spread evenly.
  4. Try not to apply self-tanning cream to your face, but if you really need to, reach for a special facial preparation.
  5. If you use facial self-tanner, protect your hair and eyebrows against discoloration (you can use a rich cream).

Self-tanning cream splotches – Causes

The most common reason for creating blemishing marks after applying a self-tanning cream is uneven distribution of the cosmetic. We frequently do this too quickly or don’t pay enough attention to spread the product the right way on every part of our bodies – and this is how the marks appear. Another reason might be too slow application of the cosmetic that starts coloring the skin almost the moment applied. That’s why fast, energetic and at the same time extremely precise application of self-tanning cream is so crucial.

A lot depends on the cosmetic itself, its consistency and quality. Sometimes, it’s just hardly possible to avoid the stains because it’s not our false that the effects we obtained are far from the expected.

How to remove self tanner splotches?

How to deal with the self tanner streaks when they appear on our skin? No worries! There are more solutions than just wearing long pants and maxi skirts until the fake tan wears off completely. Luckily, you can remove the self tanner stains faster.

Here are a few ways to remove self tanner splotches.

  1. Light spots (place where you put too little self tanner) can be easily covered up by applying a small amount of the self-tanning cream. If you want to minimize the risk of too strong skin darkening, mix the self tanner with a body balm.
  2. To deal with dark splotches, you can turn to a home remedy such as lemon juice. Lemon displays lightening properties therefore rubbing the dark skin area with this fruit or putting on a slice of it should do.
  3. Similar lightening properties are exhibited by baking soda that easily copes with more stubborn stains. In order to remove dark splotches, mix baking soda with lemon juice (try to obtain consistency of thick paste).
  4. If the above-mentioned ways don’t bring out the looked-for effects, you can make use of some treatments offered by beauty parlors. In this case, the best ones are AHA or BHA peelings that accelerate skin exfoliation, including epidermis colored with a self tanner.
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