5 Face Care Products & Gadgets that Don’t Work the Way You Think!

by Catelyn Cox

Popularity of some face care gadgets and products is surprising. I’m sure there are cosmetics you’ve bought on impulse, led by commercial or friend’s raves, more than once… Let me enlighten you: there are products you don’t need at all, or even worse: you don’t know their real purpose or effect!

These days we are flooded by cosmetic novelties, commercials of miraculous products, blogger reviews and vlogs so it’s really hard not to give in. What really works and what is just a useless gadget? Check my review of face care products and accessories that don’t work the way you think. Plus, believe it or not, you can do without them!


1. Pore-minimizing products

Blackheads, clogged skin pores are affecting more and more people. We fight them using various methods whereas pore-minimizing products make one of them. Do they give any effect? They do to some extent e.g. by cleansing the pores and camouflaging them temporarily. Still, you must be aware that the size of pores can’t be changed with a face mask or cream – their size is a matter of genes and health of your skin. If you don’t follow comprehensive skin care routine, boost elasticity or deliver collagen, the pores will grow larger whereas topical products for enlarged pores only make them less visible for a while.

2. Eye cream

We are being bombarded with information that eye creams should be used already after turning 25 and it’s a must of the antiaging routine! It’s just partly true. Even though under-eye skin is the most fragile and wrinkles appear in this area the fastest, you don’t need several anti-wrinkle products. Gentle massage and an ordinary moisturizer are enough for skin to produce collagen and elastin keeping it tight. As long as you don’t suffer from some serious problems (puffiness, dark circles, crow’s feet), a separate cream for under-eye area isn’t your must-have.

3. Lip plumper

We all know that making lips bigger is possible these days e.g. thanks to hyaluronic acid fillers. Injected in the lips, the acid fills them giving the desired size. Lip plumpers make a popular alternative and are supposed to give the same effect without needle interference. If you’re after long-term effect, don’t buy such products: all lip-plumping lipsticks, balms and lip glosses are based on substances that cause irritation and redness (ginger, peppermint, capsaicin from chili peppers). In other words, bigger lips are the effect of swelling and it’s a… short-lived effect.

4. Face brush

Since face brushes appeared on the market, many of you can’t imagine face cleansing without this gadget. The truth is that you don’t need such accessories to get a thorough cleansing – they do make the task easier but aren’t necessary. Additionally, if you wrongly use the face brush, it does more harm than good. Rubbing the skin over-enthusiastically or pressing the brush too hard are the biggest mistakes – you damage hydro-lipid film on your skin and invite irritations. Avoid such gadgets if your skin is reactive and sensitive: massaging skin with a brush stimulates microcirculation and might cause the occurence of new spider veins.

5. Jade roller

And finally a hit of recent months: massage jade roller. Women fell in love with rocky rollers for easy use, nice design, naturalness and… amazing effect! What’s the effect then? This tool mostly relaxes muscles, brings relief to irritated skin and aids absorption. The promised elimination of wrinkles or post-acne scars and enhancement of face shape depends on the products you use before reaching for the roller. Merely massaging the skin won’t bring visible rejuvenation or smoothness.

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