5 Tips for Smoother Eye Skin

by Catelyn Cox

Eye skin is incredibly gentle – you know that very well. It’s mostly because this part of skin is the thinnest, having no more than 0.5 millimeter! That being said, no wonder why it shows wrinkles and fatigue quicker than other skin parts. How can you take good care of your eye skin without spending money on costly in-salon treatments? Go on reading to find out. Here are our easy-to-follow tricks for better-looking and smoother eye skin.

TIP 1. Say goodbye to a waterproof mascara

Why should you do that? Simply because a waterproof mascara is hard to remove from the eyelashes. To take a waterproof mascara off, you need to press a cotton pad to the skin, often moving it sideways using more pressure than you do with regular mascara. This stretches the skin, leading to sagging. Sometimes, this may also cause irritation and inflammation. It’s far better to use a mascara that doesn’t only lengthen the eyelashes but also is easy to remove. Try to find a product enriched with plant extracts, e.g. soy or wheat extracts.

TIP 2. Get yourself a fluffier pillow

If you want the lymph deposits to flow away from the eye skin area – to reduce the puffiness – get yourself a bigger pillow. Sleeping with your hair a bit higher than normally, you may effectively deal with puffy eyes. Why wouldn’t you make use of gravity? It’s so simple!

TIP 3. Wear sunglasses

Shades can give you more than you can imagine. They don’t only help you not squint your eyes due to the bright light. Sunglasses also protect you from crow’s feet and UV. That’s why always check if the sunglasses that suit you offer UV protection.

TIP 4. Sleep on your back

Did you know that this is one of the best positions you can take during your nighttime rest? The list of benefits is long, including stronger spine muscles, to name just one. Sleeping on the back has also a positive effect on the skin. Why? Because when you press a side of the head to the pillow, you make the skin wrinkle.

TIP 5. Use an eye cream with SPF

Remember to always apply an eye cream with SPF before leaving home. The sun is merciless for skin, especially to the eye skin that, as it was mentioned earlier, is delicate. Try to find a lightweight product that is fast-absorbing and deeply nourishing.

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