Everyday hair stylisation – how to do it, to not damage them?

by Catelyn Cox

Hair dislike backcomb, tight ties, elaborate stylisations that require drying and stylisation with high temperatures. They are also reluctant towards all stylisation cosmetics with content of alcohol or clogging substances causing dryness and making impossible to improve processes on the scalp.

hair.jpgOn daily basis you should choose the ties, that do not require any extreme temperatures or stylisation cosmetics (especially such with alcohol). It is best to save hair the stylisation in general. Obviously, it is possible only under the condition that the hair style matches: face shape, but also hair type (i.e. most of all thickness, condition and shape). The best haircut is such that will significantly speed up and ease hair stylisation, but also extract natural beauty of the hair. The hair style that requires everyday treatments and stylisation, takes a lot of time, is just impractical and will be probably harmful to hair.

When choosing haircut matching your face shape and profile, you have to take into consideration mostly the hair thickness. Different hair styles work for fine and weak hair and different for thick and strong hair. It is one of the most important criterion for easier choice of hair style.

If you are a lucky owner of long or medium length, healthy hair, you can tie them into loose buns, ponytail (just be careful so that the tie wasn’t to tight because that can weaken hair bulbs) or just create trendy and timeless braids.

If you like straight and slick hair, think twice before reaching for this straightener. It is best to use for stylisation a round brush and hair dryer. If you want to magnify the effect of straight hair, you can use delicate and natural cosmetics dedicated for hair straightening.

If you prefer curly or wavy hair, use mousse or wet tissues (e.g. baby wipe). To curl hair, you can also tie them up on the top of the head in form of a snail shell. All the methods will preserve your hair from damaging them with a curler.

Good luck!

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