How to take care of a neck and cleavage? At-home methods and professional treatments

by Catelyn Cox

The neck is an extension of the face, while cleavage is an extension of the face extension, that is why it is incomprehensible how women can skip such an important part of the skin in their everyday skincare routine. Additionally, both neck and cleavage may be compared to the tree grains because just as it tells tree’s age, the neck and cleavage tell a woman’s age. How to take care of a neck and cleavage? Allow us to introduce at-home methods as well as professional treatments for skin condition improvement in those skin parts.

What is the skin type on neck and cleavage?

It is very thin – even 0,2 mm thinner than facial skin while being way more delicate and sensitive. For this reason, neck and cleavage skin requires more thoughtful care than the face. These are areas you can take care of both at home and at the professional beauty salon.

How to take care of the neck and cleavage? At-home methods

The at-home methods for the neck and cleavage skin are based on regular use of the cream, mask, compress, and exfoliator.

The cream and mask for neck and cleavage

For the face and cleavage can be used the same cream as for the face. You just need to massage it in the upwards movement in gentle strokes then tap the bottom of the chin with the top of the hand. Moreover, if you want to apply the mask, you have to administer the same product as before only the layer needs to be thicker.

Important: always apply the cream with a tapping motion, never rub it in.

The compress for neck and cleavage

You should consider it to be done once a week with warm olive oil or fish oil. In order to prepare it, just heat some olive oil, soak a gauze with it and cover neck and cleavage. Onto the gauze place plastic foil or a towel. Leave it for half an hour. For even better results, dip the towel in a hot water from time to time (it is best to ask for assistance).

The neck and cleavage exfoliator

Exfoliator should match the skin type. For oily skin use scrub, while for sensitive and couperose skin go for an enzymatic gentle exfoliator. Once in a while, you should try the treatment with energizing ampoules.

How to take care of the neck and cleavage? Professional treatments

In fact, Iontophoresis is performed on the cleavage alone, yet you can ask your beautician to extend the procedure. Iontophoresis is made by the application of nourishing gel on the cleansed skin and massaging it in. Said gel usually consists of plant extracts and microelements. It is massaged in with metal electrodes in the form of rollers that are plugged to the power with safe frequency.

Thanks to Iontophoresis nourishing substances are better absorbed by the skin. On top of it, it boosts blood circulation and smoothers skin.

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