Have You Got a Netflix Face? How to Save the Skin from Aging without Giving up on Favorite TV Shows?

by Catelyn Cox

A new phrase has been coined in the beauty world: Netflix Face. Contrary to appearances, it is not a new phone application. It refers to skin aging due to the blue light emitted by TV sets, tablets, computers, etc. Today, we are prompting you on how to shield yourself from the Netflix Face and still enjoy favorite shows.

Blue light – how it affects your skin?

The environment that we live in has a huge impact on the condition of the skin. We already know the bad effect of UV radiation and pollution on the skin. What about the blue light which is with us several or even more hours a day? It is the time you spend in front of the computer at work, at home. Remember that your tablet, phone or TV emit the light as well. In other words: home evening film shows are no longer so innocent as we thought.

What is the Netflix Face?

The media call the blue light skin damage the Netflix Face. In an obviously teasing way, they use the name of the most powerful online platforms offering an access to movies and TV shows. It is known worldwide as it features the most popular and brilliant shows. Why are binge-watching and aging-syndrome connected? It turns out that the hours in front of computers and TV sets while binge-watching Black Mirror or Breaking Bad leave unwanted signs on our faces.

The problem turned out to be so serious that it gained the name. Netflix Face – the skin which is exposed to the blue light for long hours.

How to shield the skin from the blue light & save yourself from Netflix Face?

The blue light is called High Energy Visible Light. HEV light is a string of visible light. Its source is the sun and the screens of electronic devices (already mentioned – LED/LCD monitors, computers, tablets, smartphones).

The regular, long exposure to HEV cause sleep disturbances (which also contribute to faster aging, worse mood and weaker immune system), poorer vision, quick deterioration of skin condition. The blue light triggers the occurrence of pigmentation spots and free radicals which speeds up skin aging, making it less firm and more prone to wrinkles.

Obviously, we are not telling you to give up on beloved shows. Cosmetic brands noticed the problem on time and today we can choose from various products which reduce the Netflix Face damage. Anti High Energy Visible Light products are also an effective shield protecting from pollution and toxins. If you look for a high-quality moisturiser or serum to protect you from the damaging effect of the blue light – try seeking among the anti-pollution skin products. In your daily skin care routine, reach for cosmetics which are jam-packed with antioxidants  e.g. all kinds of vitamin C and E serums, natural oils, stem cells.

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