The use of argan oil in beauty treatments.

by Catelyn Cox

Argan oil is not without a reason one of the most popular cosmetic oils. Although it is sometimes more expensive than other natural oils, it often leaves the competition far behind. It is one of the best oils for oiling hair, works very well as a rejuvenating serum for the face and firming body lotion. Additionally, it has an ideal composition of unsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols inhibiting the process of formation of free radicals and carotenoids, which are beneficial for skin lipid metabolism. What is more, argan oil has twice as much vitamin E than for example olive oil. It means that it slows down the process of ageing. It is versatile and successfully replaces several cosmetics.

What is its purpose in daily care? Below we present a list of the most important uses of argan oil.

1. Hair oiling

Argan oil will work better than many drugstore masks. The product nourishes, regenerates and protects hair, providing softness and shine. Just apply it on dry hair and scalp (oil will nourish the scalp) and leave in for a minimum of two hours. Then, wash it off with a mild shampoo.

2. As a leave-in conditioner on damp hair.

After washing your hair, apply an appropriate dose of argan oil. Start at the ear level and head down. Keep in mind that just a few drops are more than enough to nourish and protect hair against damaging effects of wind, frost, sun and for example hot air from the dryer.

3. As a specific serum which helps to tame and style hair

A few drops of natural oil should be applied to dry, already washed hair. It is especially recommended to rub it in the hair ends – this is where hair begins to dry and become damage. Argan oil will also help a lot in your daily styling.

4. For face as a serum or make-up base.

Do not be afraid that an oily film will remain on your skin. Fortunately, argan oil is very well absorbed.

5. On damp skin after bath

Argan oil used instead of a body lotion works very well. It will provide firming and smoothing effects. Additionally, it will help in the fight against scars and stretch marks on the skin.

6. For acne-prone skin

As a treatment for scars and a remedy for pimples. Argan oil helps fight zits and makes it easier to get rid of scars and blemishes.

7. As a treatment for boosting hair growth (for scalp massage)

Oil helps all the ladies who want to grow hair. Rubbed into the scalp, it will improve blood circulation, penetrate the roots and force them to grow.

8. As nail strengthening treatment

Regularly rubbed in the nail plate strengthens it and prevents breaking, splitting and peeling.

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